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What to expect at the Amsterdam strip clubs with The Hangover:
  • Be escorted into all the best full-contact strip clubs, everyone knows our names and faces
  • Never pay a cover or have to tip any of the bouncers
  • Be introduced to all the best Amsterdam strippers and shielded from the worst (we personally know more strippers than we care to admit)
  • Set up with the best tables in the club(s)
  • Properly informed of all typical tourist scams
  • Learn how to get the best bang for your buck
  • Set you up with bottle/champagne service
  • Have the option to throw the bachelor or any other poor soul on stage for embarrassment.

With our connections, our guests receive a level of service that would be otherwise unobtainable. Simply put you will have way more fun going to a strip club with us than anyone else.

Why are Amsterdam strip clubs so popular?

Amsterdam is famous for its strip clubs. No trip to Amsterdam, especially when on a bachelor party, is complete without a visit to at least one. They are scattered throughout downtown, some are even next to churches u2013 just to give you an example of Amsterdams liberal sexual attitude.

Navigating this sea of silicone and sin alone can prove more frustrating than your lap dances. Luckily for you we are the strip club scholars.

Going to a strip club with The Hangover is an experience like no other. We have spent countless hours in the Amsterdam strip clubs honing our craft. We know more Amsterdam strippers than any other company out there. A visit to a strip club with us becomes a night to remember rather than regret.

We give you the inside scoop of what to expect as well as introduce you to all the right girls. We personally know the girls and socialize with only the best ones. The Amsterdam strippers become way more friendly and genuine with our guests making you a real VIP not a sucker.

Some of the biggest differences at the Amsterdam strip clubs:

Size: there are no mega warehouse sized strip clubs in Amsterdam. Most are fairly small seating maximum of 100-150 people and have no more than 40 girls working at anytime.

VIP rooms: there are no VIP rooms or champagne rooms in Amsterdam. The clubs do have VIP sections which are couches in the main room of the club. These VIPu2019s are more comfortable and do attract attention.

Sitting at the stage (perverts row) : You are allowed to sit at the stage and not tip. The girls go on stage to audition themselves for private dancing not make money. No need to u201cmake it rainu201d bills unless you want to look like a complete tourist.

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