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Booking a hotel for your Amsterdam bachelor party is one of the most basic and important tasks you will have. It is the foundation for a great trip. It will set the tone and be your party head quarters for the weekend. Do not underestimate the importance of the hotel; it will often make or break the trip.

Tips to selecting the perfect Amsterdam bachelor party hotel:

#1 Stay downtown

Amsterdam is a very centralized city: downtown is where the action is. Plain and simple do not consider staying anywhere else. Unlike other cities staying at a hotel downtown is very affordable and the best overall option. You also want to stay in the right part of town.

Everyone and their uncle says you want to be on or as close to Saint Catherine street as possible. Saint Catherine is a huge street that runs the entire span of the city. Stay on the wrong part of the Saint Catherine and you find out the hard way that the girl you picked up is not one (the east side is where the Gay Village is).

#2 Pick the right type of hotel for your groupu2019s budget

After location, the type of hotel is of great importance. First you want to determine what your groupu2019s budget and expectations are for a hotel. u00a0While it is nice to stay at a 5 star hotel, it is not always feasible. This is why you need to consider the class of hotel.

Do you want something functional merely as a place to crash? Or does your group want something sleek and stylish? Not all 5 star hotels are a good fit, or more importantly, bachelor party friendly.

#3 Select the right type of rooms

The type of room(s) can also greatly impact your weekend. If possible book at least one suite. The suite will often become the hangout spot. It will be the place for the pre and post party festivities. u00a0While you may be booking/paying for the suite it may not be the actual place you want to sleep. The Suite will be the dirtiest and loudest place to stay. Real pros sleep in a separate room. u00a0Also note Montreal is not Vegas, there are no mega suites and the largest suite you will find is perhaps a two bedroom suite. The higher class suites (5 star) only have one king sized bed.

#4 Right sleeping arrangements

Unless your group is VERY close or budget conscious try to avoid quad occupancy. Legally you can only have up to four people per room. Determine the comfort level everyone will be happy with. Those party members that have a bigger budget or need for privacy can always book their own rooms.

#5 Hotels

Amsterdam is a city of neighborhoods with distinct personalities. The downtown core provides universal lodging with access to any major hotel youu2019d find in any other city. Old Amsterdam allows you to stay in chic boutique hotels that let you lap up old world charm while still enjoying all of the modern amenities. Staying at the right hotel is one of the more important decisions youu2019ll have to make when coming into town.

#6 Where to stay

It is important to understand what are the bestAmsterdam bachelor party hotels. Staying at the right hotel sets the tone for your whole weekend in Amsterdam. Some opt for budget, others for convenience. Luckily, Amsterdam hotels have many vast options, and we would be happy to help assist you in any of these decisions.

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